Portable appliance testing, commonly referred to as PAT Testing is a routine service whereby all movable appliances will be checked and tested, in accordance with the Electricity at Work Act 1990 and the Health and safety at Work Act 1974.

The test usually consists of four steps:

Visual inspection - Hazards such as the wrong kind of plug, damaged or incorrectly wired plugs, the wrong fuse ratings, damage to the appliance casing, lumps, cracks or burns to the mains supply leads, unsafe cable joints and loose connections are all checked and either passed, repaired or failed by the engineer.

Earth bond test - This test ensures that the appliance has a suitable earth conductor connected and that there are no breaks or other kind of damage to the earth cable.

Insulation test - An insulation test is carried out to ensure that the correct insulation is in place and is working to the manufacturers specifications.

Polarity check - When testing IEC cables and extension leads, a polarity test is carried out to ensure that the cable is wired correctly to the plugs and/or sockets.

This service includes:

· Free fuse changes (where applicable)
· Free plug changes (where applicable)
· Free damaged cable repairs (where applicable)
· All standard Pass or Fail labels
· Full report along with detailed test results in a presentation folder or online viewing is available
· Full failure report detailing reasons failed
· A certificate of Electrical Appliance Testing
· Free scheduling to notify when your items are re-due testing

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