Portable Appliance Testing FAQs

+ What is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing)?

+ What is a "Portable Appliance"?

+ Why do you say PAT testing and not PA Testing?

+ How often do my appliances need to be PAT tested?

+ Is Portable Appliance Testing a legal requirement?

+ How much will it cost?

+ How long will the testing take?

+ Will the testing be disruptive?

+ Are there any additional costs?

+ Does my equipment need to be switched off for the test?

+ What happens if an item fails?

+ What areas do you cover?

+ Any further questions?


Emergency Lighting Testing and Maintainance FAQs

+ What is Emergency Lighting?

+ Do I need emergency lighting?

+ Whose responsibility is it to ensure Emergency Lighting is installed and maintained?

+ How often should Emergency Lighting be tested?

+ Who should carry out the testing?